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Goin' Green

Mc Three Carpets is a non-polluter. Our energy conservation efforts reduce our impact on the environment.

As a zero landfill plant, all plant-wide waste is 100% recycled. We are committed to helping reduce, re-use and recycle any waste.

Our energy conservation efforts reduce our impact on the environment


Belgium is a signatory of the Kyoto protocol and Mc Three has signed the Flemish 'Audit Covenant'. This means that external energy experts support us by highlighting all energy saving opportunities which we in turn formalise into procedures and targets.

Solar panels

We have installed solar panels on a 14,000 m² roof, which supply a considerable part of the energy needed for our weaving plant.

Raw Materials

The production of pile material is done on site and yarns are transported in re-usable transport containers.


At Mc Three Carpets we have been collaborating very closely with external specialists to ensure we can comply to the very highest environment-friendly standards.

Part of this collaboration involves an annual report which is submitted to a Government department (Vlaamse Overheid - Departement Leefmilieu, Natuur en Energie) and covers how we deal with water, exhaust fumes and waste.

In addition McThree makes sure that all our maintenance products are environment-friendly and that our looms are ultra modern and highly efficient.

We respect the environment not only inside our plant, but also around our premises, where we have established fully maintained Green zones.


  • Our textile waste is collected by recognized waste-recycling companies and recycled into various products.
  • Unusable rest yarns are collected and re-worked into fibres for car interiors, for example as binding fibre.
  • Our rugs are packed in recyclable polyethylene (hence the recycling symbol on the packaging).
  • Cleaning water (which may for example be contaminated by latex) and rest oil are collected by recognized recycling companies.
  • Computer hardware is collected separately by a specialized recycling company.


Apart from sorting textile waste, we also sort paper and carton for recycling, plastic, PMD, metals, lamps, domestic waste, pallets and oil residues.

What do we re-use?

  • Yarn tubes are used several times.
  • Pallets are returned to external suppliers.
  • Any remaining jute is collected and re-used in other products, for example in mattresses.
  • Waste cotton is used internally as cleaning cloth.
McThree also re-uses empty yarn tubes