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Safety and well-being

What does that mean?

  • An adequate number of domes have been installed in the roof to let as much daylight in as possible.
  • All internal walls are painted white.
  • Wherever required, extra light and ventilation is provided.
  • Clothing is adapted to the job and the function.
  • Separate rooms are available for eating and changing.
  • A restaurant is provided to employees.
  • Responsible individuals are trained to work with people on the floor.
  • Info sessions are given to all workers.
  • External activities are organized.
  • Training is provided to internal as well as external personnel.
All production facilities have been designed to create good working conditions in safe surroundings.


  • Working areas are clearly defined, pedestrian zones are clearly marked.
  • Monthly meeting for prevention and protection.
  • Yearly safety report (evaluation of the past year and actions for the coming year).
  • Ongoing assessment of ergonomic conditions of the workplace.

Fire safety

  • All buildings and machines have sprinkling installations.
  • Internal firemen participate in regular training sessions.
  • Automatic reporting of fire and break-ins.