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History Mc Three Carpets

Foundation of the company by three partners, producing machine-made woven rugs based on polypropylene yarn. The company is based in the centre of Waregem (Belgium).

Mc Three Carpets is taken over by Ficovan International, the present owner of the group.

Mc Three Carpets expands its operations by creating an own design department and implements a further vertical integration by installing latex and shearing lines.

To be prepared for further growth, Mc Three Carpets moves its operations to a new location in the Waregem industrial area "Vijverdam".

Flexibility, autonomy and quality control are strengthened by further integration with the extrusion, twisting and heat setting of pile yarns.

2000 to 2005
Mc Three continues to invest in the most up-to-date equipment.

2006 to 2011
A new distribution centre with automated warehouse is built in Waregem to further increase the service level.