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Mc Three Group

Mc Three Group : a global leader in the textile floor-covering industry

The Mc Three Group consists of three companies, all three active in the textile floor-covering industry.

The first company of the Group, Orian Rugs®, was established in Anderson, South Carolina, USA, in 1979. Subsequently, the owners of Orian also acquired Mc Three Carpets in Waregem, Belgium in 1993.

In 2013, the Mc Three Group acquired Sofiteks (Bursa, Turkey) as a third production plant for woven rugs.

Today the Group has a total turnover of more than €115 mio, USD140 mio. Ficovan International is the owner of the group.

We are committed to bringing high-quality innovative products

Global customer base Mc Three Group

Our main customer base consist of wholesalers and retailers in diverse market segements, such as furniture stores, DIY stores, interior decoration and home improvement stores, specialised carpet stores, mail order companies and e-commerce businesses.

75% of our products are sold in Western Europe and North America, while the remaining 25% are sold everywhere in the world through our network of agents and distributors.

In order to guarantee impeccable service to our customers, our plants have state-of-the-art manufacturing and warehouse facilities that allow us to stock retailer-specific stock keeping units, and respond quickly to seasonal peaks in demand.